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Every project is different, every budget is different. Whether its overseeing production of an album start to finish, tracking overdubs, or mixing a single track. With experience tracking orchestras in studio, recording choirs on location, various classical projects for sound and video, mixing 5.1 scores for film, recording ADR and foley, tuning vocals, not to mention my many years producing, tracking, and mixing bands, I have the experience to help tack any project.  



My studio is a hybrid mixing setup with mastering grade Metric Halo converters built around a Thermionic Culture tube summing mixer, various outboard hardware, and an extensive plugin collection including two UAD Octo cards. The monitoring path is a Dangerous Monitor ST, Neumann KH310's paired with a Genelec 7070A Sub, B&W Nautilus 805 near fields, and Auratone 5Cs. Pro Tools Ultimate is my primary DAW but I can also do work in Logic and Studio One.

A mix will typically cost $500 but I understand budgets are tight these days so please feel free to send an email or give me a call to discuss your project and how I can help. Tuning and comping vocals is charged hourly at $40 


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